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      *Veuillez communiquer avec votre agent de dédouanement local et demander les dernières mises à jour.
      Dédouanement Et Frais De Transport
      Veuillez noter que le coût de declaration et de livraison doivent être discutées entre le client et lagent. Nikkyo/ Japon ne peut que livrer le vehicule jusqu'au port de destination,entre autre, Dar es salaam (Tanzanie), Mombasa (Kenya), Matadi(R D Congo), Durban (Afrique du Sud))
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      Pourquoi Nikkyo?
      Questions Fréquemment Posées
      QComment faire pour acheter une voiture?
      Vous devez d'abord vous en enregistrer et apres sa un identifiant client et un mot de passe vous serer accorde.
      QQuelle est la différence entre les prix FOB et CIF?
      CIF prix est le coût du véhicule + assurance + fret+frais d'expédition, FOB est le coût de la voiture seulement sans fret et assurance, Il ne comprend pas les droits de douane, la compensation ou la taxe (TVA) dans votre pays.
      QQuels sont les modes de paiement disponibles?
      Nous acceptons les paiements dans les formes suivantes.
      1) T.T.(Transfert Télégraphique)
      2) Lettre de crédit (L/C à vue))
      3) paiement en ligne par carte de crédit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) et PayPal. Les cartes de crédit ne sont acceptées que dans les pays éligibles. Le paiement Minimum est de 10 000 jpy.
      QCombien de temps faut-il pour expédier le véhicule?
      Le temps d'expédition peut varier selon le port et la compagnie utilisés, mais en moyenne, il faut environ 3-4 semaines.
      QQuand mon véhicule sera expédiée?
      La date de départ prévue dépendra de la confirmation de votre paiement et du horaire de la compagnie maritime. Votre agent commercial vous tiendra au courant de ces informations. une fois votre commande et votre paiement a été confirmé.
      QComment peut on faire de laconfiance a votre societe ?
      NIKKYO est un membre approuvé de L'Union JUMVEA depuis plus de 20 ans.
      Avis de Clients
      Tomorrow morning will start the process of clearing it.
      Thanks for your service I really appreciate boss!!:) :) :) :) :)
      Mr. S
      May 27, 2019
      Dear Rachida,
      I received my car it is very fantastic beautiful than what I saw.
      every person is appreciating my car. Trust I will sincere my happiness to you by sending other customer.
      Mr. E Makopa
      Nov 21, 2018
      Thank u Nikkyo team!
      especially Rachida for your close communication.
      I have received my item in good order as it is displayed in the website....
      Mr. M
      Sep 27, 2018
      Hello NIKKYOCARS, this is to inform you that i have received the vehicle here in Tanga, Tanzania being in a very good condition as it appeared in the display pictures. Thank you for your services and good customer care.
      Aug 17, 2018
      I like to say thanks because that car is already coming now, am very happy because that car is very good, if you will have another cars like that you can show me, I am ready to buy it because it is my business. Thanks a lot!
      Jul 14, 2017
      Hello NIKKYO,

      Please note i received the item in order and happy with it.
      its a powerful machine
      I love it

      Jun 30, 2017
      Dear NIKKYO, I received the Suzuki solio safely .as soon as I sell it I will order for another one.I will collect the passo soon from CFS Mombasa. Thanks alot
      Mr S. N. Kihiu
      May 27, 2017
      Dear NIKKYO,

      I'm a very happy customer. I received my unit in very good shape both interior and exterior more than my expectation. Your customer service support is also excellent. I recommend NIKKYO CO., LTD for further vehicle purchases now and in future.
      F. Sambani
      May 18, 2017
      It is a good Hilux like a brand new thank you very much!
      P. W. Makomba
      May 16, 2017
      Hello, i have received the car from the port on Friday even. Thanks for everything. Here is the picture
      May 9, 2017
      Hi, NIKKYO.
      This is second purchase from Nikkyo.
      I did not see the actual car because am out of Uganda,
      but my wife sent me pictures and said it's good
      Am updating feedback when i get back.
      J. Birungi
      Apr 26, 2017
      hi, NIKKYO,
      Received in good condition. thanks.
      K. M. Mwenda
      Apr 24, 2017
      My vehicle in its neat and superb condition. Thank you! It has been good doing business with you. Looking forward to enhancing our relationship in the field of business.
      M. DICKSON
      Apr 18, 2017
      Hello NIKKYO , Good morning. Thanks we received a car in good condition.
      A. S. Bongole
      Mar 14, 2017
      Hi, NIKKYO,
      received thanks!
      am expecting next Airtrek and 3.0L Pajero from Nikkyo
      Feb 13, 2017
      NIKKYO, I received the car in very good condition. I have already placed a second order and I cannot hesitate to recommend any other buyer to NIKKYO company. They are professionals in the car business. Special Thanks!
      J. Birungi
      Feb 13, 2017
      I am going to send let me do the seats and everything on the bus.its a very good bus my wife is happy.

      To tell you the truth i am a very happy person this was a very buy to me people have been asking about this bus. tell others that they can also get one or two from you. you are good people even there money is safe they will get what they want from NIKKYO.

      We need to start our next deal next month
      B. MUDONI
      Jan 31, 2017
      hello I received the car,it is in condition, I real appreciate your work and Iam requesting another vehicle ,if you will find for me manual and not Automtic
      J. Tenga
      Dec 26, 2016
      That is to show you that we received the car it has reached us nicely
      Y. SHABANI
      Dec 13, 2016
      Hello, the car finally arrived. I am happy with the car , thank you ! I will recommend to my friends, if they want to buy car aboard.
      Y. J. Cheng
      Dec 10, 2016
      Am looking forward to doing business with you more as did my father.
      received in good condition.
      B. Butali
      Dec 8, 2016
      Hi NIKKYO

      Its Ivan from Mozambique. So sorry to send this email too late. Is just to express my thanks to you company and staff, specially to you for all the selling process. I had receive the vehicle on 19 november and in very good conditions. I'm happy and enjoying the car.

      Thank you for everything. Kindly.
      Dec 7, 2016
      I have received the car
      Thank you.
      J. Nankasi
      Dec 6, 2016
      Am glad to inform you that i received the car in good condition than i expected, interior very clear, outside is okay and am happy for your prompt responses and feedback on updating the car status.
      Next time me and my fellow will consider you guys for your extraordinary services.

      L. Rogasian
      Dec 5, 2016
      Thanks NIKKYO.
      You have good cars!

      Hi, I got my car from the bond today. it is a very nice car.
      R. Crispus
      Dec 2, 2016
      I received the car. great condition, I want more business with you.
      Nov 25, 2016
      Hi NIKKYO and the Nikkyo team,

      It is with great joy that I write to you. I am happy that I now have the lovely vehicle you sold me.
      Wow! What a great machine. The performance is great, the cleanliness of the interior, engine and chassis are amazing!
      The exterior also is in good condition with the minor dents as you already mentioned.
      I recommend NIKKYO CO and rate you highly.
      Once again, THANK YOU so much!!

      Keep up the good work!
      Nov 25, 2016
      Hello. Good day sir. Hop you okay. The vehicle finally arrived in Lusaka
      Thank you for having the confidence in me and do business together. I am sure we will do business again soon.
      W. Luu
      Nov 25, 2016
      It was great to deal with Nikkyo company and I enjoyed your service! I will recommend your company to every body, excellent service !! keep it up!!
      Nov 4, 2016
      I appreciate for your car, my client is also happy after seeing that, the car is in good condition, see the handing over pictures to
      my client, who stand on the right hand side.
      Oct 13, 2016
      Hello, NIKKYO,

      Thank you so much NIKKYO,
      I have received my car.
      K. s. Abraham
      Oct 11, 2016
      Hi, NIKKYO,
      We received the car, It’s a really good car!
      You are very professional and friendly,
      Oct 6, 2016
      Dear NIKKYO,

      I forward a pressure and vote of thanks.
      The bus came as It was displayed. I appreciate your good customer care and support. I will return again for other buses
      Be blessed
      Sep 16, 2016