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Nikkyo Sales Team
Mr. Zia
Tel/Viber +81-80-5985-6023
Email zia.obaid@nikkyocars.com
Skype live:zia.obaid
Language English
Mr. James.shi
Tel/Viber +81-90-5401-5244
Email shi.kb@nikkyocars.com
Skype live:shi.kb
Language English, Chinese
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Nikkyo Tanzania Agent
  • All exact payment for all deals must be transferred & paid directly to Nikkyo in Japan.
  • Nikkyo will not be responsible if the fund was not directly transferred to Nikkyo in Japan and in the case it is missing or any trouble/ incident occurred.
Bank Information
Address: 11 Ursino Street, Regent Estate, P.O BOX 1495, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255-222-775-567 / +255-659-078-888
Email: abraham@proinmotors.co.tz
Why Nikkyo?
  • Good quality car!
  • Nice Communidation!
  • Amazing prices!
  • Customer Satisfaction!
  • Fast Services!
  • Local Branch
Frequently Asked Questions -MASWALI YANAYOULIZWA SANA
Q How do I buy a car?
You will first need to register a customer ID and password with our company. Once this process is complete, you can begin purchasing vehicles.
Kwanza unahitaji kujisajiri ili upate utambuzi.Ukishajisajiri ndio utakapoweza kununua.
Q What is the difference between FOB, CIF prices?
FOB price is the cost of the vehicle. CIF is marine insurance + freight/shipping cost. It does not include custom duty, clearing or tax (VAT) in your country.
FOB ni bei ya gari kabla ya usafirishaji.CIF ni bei ya gari ukijumlisha usafirishaji pamoja bima,kabla ya ushuru na kodi nchini mwako.
Q What are the available payment methods?
We accepts payments in the following forms.
1) T .T.(Telegraphic Transfer)
2) Letter of Credit (L/C at sight)
3) Online Payment by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) & PayPal. Credit cards are only accepted from eligible countries. Minimum payment is 10,000jpy.
Tunakubali malipo kwa njia ya
1)TT(telegraphic Tansfer) makipo kwa njia ya benki
2)Letter of Credit(L/C at sight)
3)Malipo ya moja kwa moja ya kwenye mtandao(visa card,American Express) Credit care zinakubaliwa toka tu kwenye nchizinazotumika,kiasi cha chini ni 10,000Jpy.
Q How long does it take to ship the vehicle?
Shipping time may vary depending on port and company used, but on average it takes about 3-4 weeks.
Muda wa usafirishaji unategemea na bandari lakini kwa wastani huchukua 3-4.
Q When will my vehicle be shipped?
The estimated departure date will depend on the confirmation of your payment and the shipping company’s schedule. Your sales agent will keep you updated with this information once your order and payment has been confirmed.
Usafirishaji wa gari uaanza pale tu tutakapopokea malipo ya gari husika.Tutaomba kampuni ya usafirishaji itupatie nafasi ya haraka kwenye meli inofuata.Muuzaji wako atakuwa anakuhabarisha kwenye maendeleo.
Q How trustworthy is your company?
KWANINI NIIAMINI NIKKYO?NIKKYO has been an approved member of the JUMVEA Union for over 20 years.
NIKKYO has been an approved member of the JUMVEA Union for over 20 years.
Nikkyo imethibitishwa na taasisi ya viwango Japan (JUMVEA(kwa Zaidi ya miaka 20.
Customer Reviews
Thank you Nikkyocars for selling me such a nice car! I just received my Mitsubishi Outlander from Nikkyo and what I can say is; it is an amazing ride. I received it in very good condition and I have had nothing to repair apart from changing the engine oil. I, therefore, send my sincere thanks to Mr Ehtisham for his commitment of service to ensure the car gets in the country safely and his constant updates. Mr. Zia for the facilitation of the process. I will continue doing business with Nikkyocars and recommend the site to others.
Oct 15, 2021
I received the unit on time and in good condition.
Thanks for your kind services.
Sep 25, 2021
I receive very nice car with excellent condition
thanks nikkyo from Good services
i want to inform that my client very happy in this bus.
Myself thank you so much Nikkyo cc My account manager E and Z
God bless them for good job

Good day
Mr R
May 6, 2021

Hope this email find you in good Health,

I would like to give my testimonial regarding the vehicle that purchased from your Company,
My first thanks goes to Erma who have been so good in correspondence and in giving me such an amazing price and a vehicle with a very good condition.
Secondly, my sincere thanks goes to NIKKYO COMPANY for being such a trusted company.

Looking forward to doing more business with you.


Ms N
Jan 25, 2021
Thanks very Much I have received the vehicle on 30 March 2020. It is in a very good condition and runs very great. I drove myself from the Port of Dar es salaam to Tanga town, a distance of 330KM spending very little fuel. I would like to recommend the seller (NIKKYO CO.LTD). They were very cooperative and I found no problem with them.
Apr 3, 2020
thanks Fahad for giving me Such great Car, I will always recommend my Customers to buy from Nikkyo Cars. May God bless you people
Hedgars A M
Feb 26, 2020
Dear Rachida,
I received my car it is very fantastic beautiful than what I saw.
every person is appreciating my car. Trust I will sincere my happiness to you by sending other customer.
Mr. E Makopa
Nov 21, 2018
Thank u Nikkyo team!
especially Rachida for your close communication.
I have received my item in good order as it is displayed in the website....
Mr. M
Sep 27, 2018
Hello NIKKYOCARS, this is to inform you that i have received the vehicle here in Tanga, Tanzania being in a very good condition as it appeared in the display pictures. Thank you for your services and good customer care.
Aug 17, 2018
It is a good Hilux like a brand new thank you very much!
P. W. Makomba
May 16, 2017
Hello, i have received the car from the port on Friday even. Thanks for everything. Here is the picture
May 9, 2017
Hello NIKKYO , Good morning. Thanks we received a car in good condition.
A. S. Bongole
Mar 14, 2017
hello I received the car,it is in condition, I real appreciate your work and Iam requesting another vehicle ,if you will find for me manual and not Automtic
J. Tenga
Dec 26, 2016
Am glad to inform you that i received the car in good condition than i expected, interior very clear, outside is okay and am happy for your prompt responses and feedback on updating the car status.
Next time me and my fellow will consider you guys for your extraordinary services.

L. Rogasian
Dec 5, 2016
It was great to deal with Nikkyo company and I enjoyed your service! I will recommend your company to every body, excellent service !! keep it up!!
Nov 4, 2016
I appreciate for your car, my client is also happy after seeing that, the car is in good condition, see the handing over pictures to
my client, who stand on the right hand side.
Oct 13, 2016

I forward a pressure and vote of thanks.
The bus came as It was displayed. I appreciate your good customer care and support. I will return again for other buses
Be blessed
Sep 16, 2016