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    Our Shipping Service to Walvis Bay (CIF):
    Our price is inclusive of all shipping and insurance costs to the Documents. While you may be allowed to perform the customs clearing for your vehicle, we recommend using a licensed clearing agent to assist you through customs.
    • Storage of your vehicle until it is ready to be transported to the port.
    • High level of marine insurance throughout shipping.
    • DHL of all original documentation and vulnerable loose items to you or your agent.
    How to Load in Container?
    Frequently Asked Questions
    QHow much is this vehicle in Namibian Dollars (NAD)?
    We are dealing in American dollars (USD) or Japanese yen (JPY). For an accurate value, please refer to your closest Bank to get the most updated Exchanging Rates.
    QHow do I order a vehicle?
    Choose your desired vehicle in our stock and place an order or contact our office, so our sales agents can assist you. After choosing your vehicle, our sales agent will be designated for you and will send you the Pro-forma invoice via WhatsApp / E-mail ... etc..
    QDoes the age restriction include all types of vehicles?
    Fortunately, There are categories of second-hand motor vehicles that are not affected by the prohibition on importations into Namibia, Such as Trucks and special purpose motor vehicles (Excluding those principally designed for transport of persons or goods),
    For example: Breakdowns, Lorries, Crane lorries, Fire fighting vehicles, Concrete mixer lorries, Road sweeper lorries, Spraying lorries mobile workshops, Mobile radiological units).
    QDo the prices given to me include Duty / Custom/ VAT Costs? What is included?
    Duty, VAT and Clearing Charge in your country is not included in the given price. It must be paid by you or via an agent of your choice at the border of your country. Price quoted is the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) price till your desired port.
    QHow will I know if my car has arrived and when it is reaching my City?
    The clearing agents in Namibia for Walvis Bay or our South African agent in Durban will call / email / WhatsApp you with the progress of your vehicle, they will advise you on arrival date and the date they will deliver the vehicle for you. A truck Fleet Number / driver name will be provided with estimated time of arrival and location of our custom agents at your nearest City.
    QWhere will I get my vehicle in Namibia? Who do I have to contact somewhere to collect it?
    The clearing and delivery agents are dedicated to serve you! Kindly, find our Namibian nominated agent details below. They will deliver the vehicle to you and will be in touch with you once your vehicle gets trucked from Walvis Bay or Durban. In fact, they will contact you once the vehicle is loaded on the carrier, but feel free to contact them any time.
    QI am new to import! How can I get my vehicle registered, can you help?
    Our nominated agent in Namibia are clearing vehicles for more than a decade and are having vast knowledge of all processes included in vehicle registration and clearance. Please call / email / WhatsApp them for a non-obligatory quote and they will assist you at their best.
    QWhere can I pick up my vehicle in Namibia?
    Your vehicle can be collected at Walvis Bay port, otherwise delivery can be arranged through Logistical Support Services or through your Clearing and Delivery agent from Walvis Bay / Durban port to your nearest city.
    QWhat is the payment Condition?
    We accept TT (Telegraphic transfer via Bank) or PayPal. And we have only one Bank
    Account to avoid fraud. Click Here for bank details.
    QHow long does it take to ship the car from Japan to Namibia?
    It takes approximately 35 to 40 days. The duration of Delivery may change due to Shipments’ availability and the payment’s timing.

    Agent in WALVIS BAY

    Name: Capt. Nik Magadhi
    Address: Unit 1, Kudu Building, Corner of 11th Road and Theo Ben Gurirab Street, Walvis Bay, Namibia.
    Mobile: +264-81-147-6466
    Office: +264-64-280-700
    Fax: +264-64-280-701
    Email: info@sharafnamibia.com